No headshot or portrait should be boring. Everyone deserves to have their best self seen by others, and I'll get to know you so that your unique passions and professionalism come through in your portraits or headshots. Likewise, although every photographer has a personal style, I believe portraits should communicate more about the subject than the photographer. In other words, my work will showcase you as an individual so that you make the best impression possible on your clients, casting directors, social media profiles, dating profiles, or with whomever you're sharing your images.

The best portraits result from you being as comfortable as possible in front of the camera. I realize that for many people (myself included!) this doesn't come easily. To that end, I'll work with you to help realize your vision starting long before we complete our shoot. I'll help by discussing with you the outfit options that tend to work best in professional photos, and what you can do to prepare for our shoot together. And I'll guarantee that during our shoot we will take enough time to get the best images possible in a relaxed, no-pressure environment.