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Professional Headshots and Portraits

Your headshot or professional portrait showcases you as an individual. For actors, your headshot will lend insight into your personality and character. For business professionals, your clients and business partners will have an image they can reference to begin forming a trusting relationship with you.

Senior Portraits

Though I had my own senior portraits taken well over a decade ago, my parents still have prints from them hanging on our walls at home. While I'm no longer exactly the same person I was then, I appreciate that they are authentic and well-done. The senior portraits I take of you will be unique, genuine, and timeless. 

Designed Portraits

The purposes conceptual portraits serve are wide-ranging. I'll work with you to help develop your ideas into a concept and then realize that vision into completed images. Examples of conceptual portraits include building a modeling portfolio, showcasing your latest fashion designs, highlighting your work as an athlete or performance artist, or even updating the images on your social media or dating profile.

Film Portraits

I love shooting film and use it for most of my personal work. Many people are perplexed when they find out I work with film way in the digital age. But I feel film has a look and indescribable feel which is still impossible to replicate. And when film is paired with a large 4x5 camera, it produces photos with unmatched depth and character; the images take on an instantly artistic quality. 

I've decided to offer a film photography service to my clients who want a genuinely unique piece of portrait art.



"Chris was wonderful to work with! I appreciated the time he took to talk to me beforehand. It's nice to know who you're working with prior to a shoot, and he's a genuinely nice, easy going guy who made me feel comfortable in front of the camera. He truly has a passion for portraiture and photography in general, which is evident in his stunning images. I would definitely work with Chris again!" - Barbara B.

"Chris was great and works very professionally. He uses both new and very old school photography techniques that show in his images. He is easy to work with and open to new ideas. I definitely look forward to working with him again." - Jordan M.

"I really enjoyed working with Chris. He has a creative eye for what will look good in a photo and where to find interesting locations. He also did a great job of making me feel comfortable in our shoot. If you ever have the chance to work with him I can't recommend him enough!" - Quinn C.



Portrait package pricing begins at $99. Every package includes ample time to ensure we get excellent results you are happy with.

Let me know what you are looking for and I will put together a package which matches your specific budget. Even if I haven't mentioned the specific type of photoshoot you are looking for, nothing is out of the question and I'm always happy to take on a new challenge!